FREE Printable A-Z Letter Find Alphabet Letter Recognition Printables

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

These ADORABLE, free printable letter identification worksheets will provide kids with enjoyable practice identifying uppercase and lowercase letters. The alphabet worksheets from A to Z each have a distinct letter to match your letter of the week curriculum or any other way you teach the alphabet. With children in toddler, preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten, use these worksheets on letter recognition. You are ready to play and learn with an alphabet activity after just printing NO PREP finding the letter worksheets and grabbing a crayon.
The first PDF is all about the four first letters of the alphabet (A-D) You will the other links to the rest pdfs below this post!

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Worksheets for Recognizing Letters

With these A to Z Letter Find printables, kids will adore learning! These letter-recognition worksheets each have a different topic for kids to complete as they practice distinguishing between small and large letters. For the letter locate alphabet worksheet, for instance, kids will color every fish starting with the letter F. Children will color each of the l leaves on the worksheet for the letter L. You will adore these adorable, free alphabet printables, whether you are a parent, educator, or homeschooler. They will assist pupils in learning their ABCs, developing their visual discrimination skills, and having fun building the hand muscles they will need to start writing. Use these worksheets to help toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners identify the letters of the alphabet. A distinct theme is used for each alphabet letter from A to Z.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

A-Z worksheets for the alphabet

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free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Find the Letter Printables

These adorable ABC printables, each with a different theme, are sure to be a hit with kids! Simply print the pages you are working on in your letter of the week curriculum, classroom, homeschool, daycare, for extra practice, or for summer study. The majority of each page is in black and white to conserve ink, but the highlighted image is in color to stand out and be more entertaining for children.

worksheets for letter identification

HINT: To make this exercise reusable and ideal for a literacy center, laminate the pages or place them in a page protector before using them with a dry erase marker. This of course will help you save money on printing and saving your own ink.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Find Letter Printables

The worksheet asks students to find the capital and lowercase letters and color them with crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens, etc. Alternately, you may laminate the pages and let the kids mark the letters with Legos, playdough, dry-erase markers, little erasers, etc. This is a wonderful game for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and pre-Kers to practice letter recognition.

A is for apple
B is for ball
C is for car
D is for dog
E is for egg
F is for fox
G is for goat
H is for Hippo
I is for ice cream
J is for jeans

and the list will be long!

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Free printable worksheets for letter recognition

These adorably cute ABC worksheets are available for download at the end of the article. In addition, we offer a ton of different tools that might assist you in teaching young kids their ABCs! Preschool, kindergarten, and alphabet worksheets are all available, and they are all totally free. We strive to make learning for children enjoyable and simple.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Identifying the Alphabet Worksheets

Each page has a different topic that will captivate children and encourage them to practice visual discrimination. 

Letter Recognition Worksheets Pdf Free

If you prefer to slide the objects in a page protector for repeated usage, kids can color the items featuring the relevant item with crayons, markers, or dry erase markers.

Alphabet Tracing workseets

Kids also will enjoy these free worksheets as they will practice tracing the alphabet and some words. Tracing helps them know how a word or a letter is written and also helps them develop their handwriting skills. The tracing letters are provided in big fonts so that kids can see how things are written.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

Back to School Printables

Looking for some other fun and FREE printable activities for the first day of school? You will love these free printables which we have posted earlier in our website, just scroll down to see the related posts. If you can’t find any there just head to the main page refered to as the home page and scroll down to see all the posts which have been added recently.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free
free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

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