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Preschool Worksheets Autumn: Preschoolers Will Love These 7 Autumn Activities!

Free Autumn Printables
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Isn’t there a sense of it in the air? The heat wave is past, the mornings and evenings are cooler, and the trees are sharing the news… Autumn has arrived! As a result, now is the ideal moment to compile some of our favorite autumn activities for preschoolers.

  1. Begin collecting autumn leaves.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the season than with a nature walk to collect lovely autumn leaves? Autumn leaves are a fantastic springboard for a variety of learning activities. Try;

  • Sorting leaves into groups based on color, size, and shape. Count the number of leaves in each group. Discuss which of the two groups has the most and least leaves.
  • Find leaf pairs that match.
  • Talk about how the leaves look, feel, sound, and smell to develop descriptive vocabulary.
  • Request that your youngster explain (or illustrate for you) how the color got inside the leaf.
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2. Drawings Based on Observation

With a magnifying glass, examine your leaves closely, noting their forms, veins, and stems.

Allow your child to try their hand at drawing autumn leaves using a lead pencil. Color with watercolour paints.

Leaf drawings are a fun autumn activity for preschoolers.

3. Rubbings on the leaves

Make leaf rubbings by coloring over leaves placed underdrawing paper using crayons. To get the greatest results, place the leaves vein-side up. To get the greatest results, unwrap the paper and use the crayon’s side.

Watercolor paints make your leaf rubbings truly pop – check out our Crayon Resist Leaf Rubbings post for some great examples.

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4-Prints of Leaves

Prints can be made by applying paint directly to leaves using a little roller and then turning them over to print on paper.

Leaf Printing is a fun autumn activity for preschoolers.

5. Make Maple Pumpkin Playdough

To make this deliciously scented homemade pumpkin playdough, follow the link to our recipe.

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6. Bake Apple Slices

Preschoolers enjoy helping in the kitchen, and this very simple apple slice recipe is ideal for incorporating them in the measuring, pouring, and mixing (but you must first prepare the apples!).

So there you have it: seven autumn activities to do with your kids this season. And while you’re out enjoying the cooler weather, don’t forget to embrace your inner child by getting out among the leaves with your kids and scrunching, jumping in, and throwing them high in the air!

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Here Some Are Simple and enjoyable autumn activities for toddlers

This fantastic assortment of autumn activities for toddlers will help you celebrate the changing seasons. These easy-to-set-up creative and sensory activities are ideal for introducing your toddler to the pleasures of Fall.

  1. Go on a leaf-hunting expedition.

Take a walk in the woods together, collecting colorful autumn leaves. As you find each leaf, ask your youngster to tell you what color it is. Invite your toddler to sort the leaves by color and then size (big/small) once you’ve returned home.

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  1. Make a Suncatcher with Autumn Leaves

Tape a large piece of clear, self-adhesive book covering to a window and ask your child to stick their leaf collection on it. This sticky collage will only be fleeting, but toddlers adore it… Parents appreciate the fact that it isn’t at all messy!

  1. Sensory Play with an Autumn Theme

Sensory play is beneficial for babies and toddlers, and there are many lovely items in your pantry that can be used to depict the colors of fall, such as pasta, oats, lentils, and dried beans. For free investigation, add some tiny containers, plastic bottles, and spoons or scoops.

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  1. Autumn Tree with Fingerprints

Stick some twigs on a canvas or sturdy cardboard with some great strong adhesive. After the paint has dried, ask your child to make leaves with their fingers and red and orange paint.

  1. Make some playdough with an autumn fragrance.

  2. For this awesomely fragrant homemade playdough, involve your child in crushing the spice mix using a mortar and pestle — it’s a terrific blend of spices and citrus, and it smells so good.

If your kids are a little older, be sure to check out our list of fun worksheets for preschoolers that are included on our website.

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